When Will Nigerians Learn From Their Mistakes?

“Those who do not study from history, are doomed to repeat it”-Cecil John Rhodes, (the founder of ‘Rhodes Scholarship’, and whom Rhodesia used to be named after). Our fathers who orchestrated the first Coup d’etat, made a very large mistake by means of destroying the Tafawa Balewa government. Their cause for this, is the corrupt practices and embezzlement of public cash in the government. Their Aim: To smooth up the government. Unfortunately, Nigerians got here to recognize that the navy Heads of nation the place simply as awful and corrupt as the Politicians.

At this point, mainly simply earlier than the 4th Republic, it grew to become crystal clear that the solely way to pass Nigeria forward, used to be to decide on and vote for a beneficial candidate. A candidate who is just, intelligent, vainglorious, corrupt-free, and distinct from the preceding Heads of state. At least this is what I notion Nigerians had in mind. But I was once wrong. Instead, we voted for every other retired Head of state, to usher in the 4th Republic. It grew to become even worse when we voted for this equal man, the 2d time. Being a dictator that he is, its no longer shocking that he tried to prolong his tenure for extra than eight years.

As if that used to be now not enough, we once more voted for every other unwell retired navy officer, who unluckily died in office. Now it grew to be clear to us that we wished to vote for a non army officer. But this time we bought it wrong. We went to the polls and voted for a torpid lecturer, an mind-set which a chief need to in no way possess, specifically when it pertains to corruption click here naijavibes.

When are we going to put motive beforehand of us when it comes to political matters? To in addition exacerbate the issue, we went to the polls for the tenth time in our history, and voted for some other retired army Head of State. Are we now not worn-out of being dominated through these army bigots? The extraordinary issue is that these army Heads of States who took strength for themselves, in a definitely undemocratic manner, promised once more in the 4th Republic to easy up the government. A promise which they all made earlier, and finally failed woefully. In fact, the wide variety one issue that continues to baffle me is that our retired Head of state, who is unluckily our modern President, determined to ruin the 2nd Republic, due to the fact the then-President borrowed some billions of naira at a time when Nigeria entered the opening of a painful recession.

Interestingly, this retired army officer, is additionally presently dealing with a painful recession in his tenure as President, and enormously additionally tried to borrow some billions of naira, the identical aspect the then-president of the 2nd Republic did that made this retired navy man terminate the 2nd Republic. No marvel a Nigerian Music Icon, Tuface Idibia, plans on main a Nationwide protest subsequent month, in opposition to our Federal Government.

When will Nigerians examine from history? When are we going to put cause beforehand of us, earlier than going to the polls to choose our political officers? When are we going to ship these retired army guys returned to the barracks, the place they belong? Or possibly we must vote for some other retired navy officer in the subsequent election, and subsequent elections to come, until they have all dominated in a civilian government. We want to research from records and the errors of our fathers. We want to wake up from our sleep. We want to recognize that the before we cease balloting for these retired army officers, the higher for us. They have no commercial enterprise ruling us. They have destroyed our Country, and its time we supply strength to Just, Intelligent and Worthy people. We do this now, and when the time is right, we as Youths will contest for political posts and serve for the motive of a Just provider to our people. We shall inculcate in the thought of our youthful ones, in no way to repeat the errors of previous leaders, and to continually examine from records and our mistakes. In the end, our Country will be a notably more advantageous position, than it is now.


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